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I’ve had a recent reader comment asking for me to share the details of the Keystone 9202 bracket that I’ve used in my ISA POST card design.

This has prompted me to create a proper place on my Github account to better manage storage of files that I’m pleased to share with the community. See ausandavno on Github.

To answer this question about the Keystone 9202, I’ve placed a Kicad footprint file, and 3D STEP file in the following location:

I’ve also added the ISA card edge connector footprint, and the drawing describing the ISA card board specification with reference to pad A1 of the edge connector.

Use all of this at your own risk. I’ve made efforts to be accurate but don’t rely on me to be perfect. If there are grave errors I’d like to hear about them, but don’t count on an instant reply.

Also note that I’m only using the web interface for managing files in Github, and everything is very new, scary, and confusing. So please bear with me while I figure it all out.

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